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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  August 25, 2016 1:35am-2:01am MDT

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even more worrisome for they radiologist refers to the fractures. raising concern for non-accidental trama. >> spiral fracture. somebody manipulated the bone. twisted his leg. >> they didn't know how it happened and would look into it. >> the parents called police. to investigate. and hired an attorney. who is already filed a notice of intent to sue the hospital. >> 1246789
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contract. on the baby's father. >> it's out outrageous. parents if anyone ought to have a voice for their child. they are the voice. >> . they spit in my face. for trying to stand up for my child. >> . we should point out. why the hospital claims it can't talk because of hipa. they were willing to sign a waiver. and have under gone a voluntary polygraph test with police. we don't know the results or if any hospital workers agreed >> . city of thornton making a couple major decisions. voting to allow pot sales within city limits. >> . only 4 dispensaries will be allowed there.
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applications next thursday. >> . approving the top golf in town. >> . we are less than eleven weeks until election day. in colorado senate race radar. despite polls showing a big lead over challenger daryl glen. >> .
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u.s. official says the democratic presidential nominee is expected to receive her intelligence briefing saturday. each candidate receives one briefing before the election. >> >> polls have shown
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african american vote. trump expected to attend a private fundraiser in aspen tomorrow. >> .
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>> just after 2:30 today. nobody was hurt. look at this. two alarm fire raged through the school bus maintenance facility. a large plume of smoke visible for miles. witnesses heard explosions. police say in all some 28 buss were damaged. from the blaze. investigators still trying to figure out what happened. thankfully classes don't start until september. >> earlier this year the governor of oregon signed into law a new bill. banning coal power. it will end for 4 years. new tonight the coal faze out spurred concerns from critics over a rain increase and brown outs that could have sweeping effects nationwide. >> . there's no way that wind can physically power the grid. wind produces 0. >> . coal still generates 40 percent
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renewables make up just 8 percent. >> . a dog napper snatches a puppy from behind a locked door in new york. the entire thing is caught on camera. police say the thief popped the door release. grabbed the pup. and ran away. it happened on the laundry mat the puppy snatcher is believed to have an accomplice who districted the attendant. while the crime took place.
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life out of this world maybe khroers than we thought. confirming today the existence of a rocky planet near us. >> close to orbiting the star closest to the sun. scientists say it's within the habitable zone. water could exist on the surface. the good news is the planet is so close to us it will be easier to observe and explore. through direct imaging. >> . exciting stuff. >> . it's never too late to learn something new. introduce you to 3 young ladies. who are taking life into their own hands.
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to do something amazing. >> . just when most folks are retired. and taking it easy. friends have just started to ratchet life's e paoerpbss up. literally. >> . back in 2014. the ladies learned how to soar the baby blue colorado sky. and scuba dive the blue water. at the denver understand the total life experience for these golden girls is 271 years. >> . i'm 92. >> i'm the youngest i'm 87. >> their lesson in life. you can always learn something new. the ladies are being recognized for that. right now. >> . they just graduated from the college of creative life.
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my memory has improved. by studying and learning. >> there's so much knowledge and so much fun. and meeting one another. in these classes. >> . made my interest in other things much more active. >> . instructor remembers the golden girls. >> . yes they're very good. >> it's okay to date the students now that the course is over. >> . congratulations. >> . time is running out before the
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we announce the winner next thursday morning. >> . tickets are a hub hundred you are welcome to buy more than one.
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i love seeing the homes in the the decor. >> they do a great job. >> . happy birthday. >> . yours was last week. so. i'm getting older. >> . you have had a cup more than me. >> . couple more. >> . >> let's get to work. my candles are a fire hazard. moisture coming up and over the state. squeezing out a lot of rain showers. it was nice to see tomorrow we are going to see more sunshine. and the return of rain.
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little more robust thunder storm. which could mean tracking severe weather. >> eagle and aspen. gunnison was warmer than denver. we just had the low cloud deck and rain. keeping the temperatures down. outside right now. 57 and 61. 75 percent humidity. wind is on the light side. current readings. look at the cool0s the mountains. again the deeper blue there. is 30s along the higher terrain. we're in the 50s stkp 60s across the metro.
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once they come through denver. and go east of the city. east of denver international. say aurora reservoir. and make onto the eastern plains. some may contain hail. and some gusty wind. we'll be on guard for that. 60s 70s -l80s for the mountain west. tomorrow back to where it should be. aspen and gunnison. eagle will be cooler than we will be in denver. we return to the 70s. a few 80s in the south and east. over us right now. we'll break the clouds. welcome in sunshine. earl will i in the day. fill the clouds back in. and bring in the late day storms. >> . time line for tomorrow. 57 in the morning. a cool start. we'll have sunshine through the lunch hour. and the showers possible late in the day. should be okay tomorrow. the temperatures will be cool much like this morning.
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we have a dry hot stretch to
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15 days and counting until the regular season opener against carolina. broncos still don't know who their starting quarter back will be. >> . saturday's third preseason game. before making his final decision next week. ment meantime. trevor siemian and sanchez are not backing down tphr from the challenge. >> . throughout training camp. we have seen the highs and lows from trevor siemian. and mar sanchez. it looks hroeubg they're going when it comes to press conference personalities. clearly this battle is not over.
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polished and polite professional. >> . being named the starter for saturday says a lot about what he thinks of trevor siemian. wu but he's not listening. >> not reading too much into it. it's we're putting together some good things. >> . another week to build and get better. >> no doubt sanchez is not quite ready to con seed. this quarter back competition. >> . we're just doing it for you guys. keep it fun. what else would you write about. >> .
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keeping us on our toes for sure. other news and note. hard to deal with the chargers contract. just got uglier. set to thrive in san diego defense scheme. however they have not been able to reach a contract agreement. today the chargers say okay fine and pulled the offer off the table. to be continued maybe. >> . u.s. soccer suspended hope solo. from the national team for 6 months. this suspension effective immediately. after the u.s. lost the match to sweden. in which she called the team quote a bunch of cowards. >> . she will not be eligible for selection back to the women's national team. until february. >> . rockies update. so much for the back to back winning series against first place washington and chicago. last week. the rocks turn back around this week. fell back to dust. and proceeded to get swept in a 3 game series by fourth place milwaukee. >> .
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league leading 34 home run of the season. one to nothing rockies in the first. after that. the brew crew took over. >> . final score 7 to one. >> . just when you thought maybe they hang around and make it interesting. >> . tough series. >> . judge lynn: this morning, i heard a most unusual case. you know, some people will do almost anything to save their marriages. the couple i met this morning proposed a desperate solution that brought them into divorce court. catalano: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: mr. and mrs. white, uh, your marriage is ending. and in an attempt to -- to save your marriage,